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232 Auburn Ave Atl, GA 30303 404-630-7249
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About Owner

Yanise Mone’t, Owner of VANITY ATLANTA

Yanise has been in the beauty industry for 13 years. Upon completed Cosmetology school and receiving cosmetology license, she began her career in Atlanta’s most sought after Salons vastly building a flourishing clientele. In the third year of her career she went on to compete in the National Bronner Bros. Hair show where she took home first place in the competition. Following that win, she began to build her creative work and reputation as an all around artist. Just a few short years following the win at the National Bronner Bros. Show she began working backstage for NYC Fashion Week. After spending three fall and spring seasons making contacts and building portfolio work, Yanise opened her first salon location at the young age of 23. Receiving many compliments on her savvy fashion finds prompted her to open a Boutique later that year. VANITY Atlanta was then born! Offering beauty and fashion services that made clients “looks complete, from head to feet!” During this time period she continued to do freelance work around the country landing many tear sheets in nationally published magazines, worked as key hairstylist or makeup artist on serval productions and videos, and most recently worked on the 2015 Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Always one to harvest her creative talents she began doing small design projects for business associates and friends alike. Designing has always been a passion and comes very easily to Yanise.

Being very hands on and doing all the interior design for her store locations and neighboring businesses, people began to inquire about those services as well. “What began as passion, I’ve turned into a hobby. From that hobby I’ve generated another business!”

For two years VANITY Atlanta has expanded with their interior design division. Thus far she has designed four clubs/lounges, two boutique spaces, one salon, and one barbershop in the greater Atlanta Area. Continuing to follow her passion for all things beauty, she is eager to see what lies in the roads ahead for VANITY. “There is beauty in all things! I love the feeling I receive when I see a person’s face once their service is complete and you visibly see the pleasure from the art you’ve painted on there canvas, weather it be there hair or make up services. I also love refurbishing furniture that someone no longer sees the beauty in. To help make establishments fashionable and functional with simple design elements, fabrics, vintage pieces, or color patterns. Chipping away old surface to polish up, paint, and make new again. That’s VANITY! With feelings and results that beautiful, how could it be considered a sin?”

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