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232 Auburn Ave Atl, GA 30303 404-630-7249
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About Vanity

VANITY – n. (va-n-te) 1. Excessive pride in one’s appearance or accomplishments; conceit. 2. A fashionable trifle or knickknack.

VANITY Interior Design Firm offers services but are not limited to:

* Consultations
* Space Planning
* Storyboards, Lookbooks, & Renderings
* Custom wall coverings including wallpaper and texture treatments
* Furniture, Accessory & Art Selections
* Custom Window Treatments
* Furniture Design and Production
* Finish Selections
* Purchasing, Procurement, as well as Installation

Just blocks from the downtown business district, Georgia State University, and on the route of the Atlanta streetcar line that links the Centennial Park and Georgia Aquarium district to downtown and historical Old Fourth Ward area! Directly off of two major highway exits (75/85) Convenience is key! VANITY is a full service BOUTIQUE INTERIOR DESIGN services. Rendering quality service and customer care.