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Vanity’s Design Process

Interior Design Process

The design process begins the initial moment we hear about your ideas. We work closely with clients as well as our team of architects, artist, master craftsman, and builders to execute project. From there we implement several stages that will bring our ideas into built form. Often as a designer I’m asked what we do and how the process works. Yes we select curtains and couches, but there is a lot more to it than that. Here is a brief breakdown of the process to help guide you along the way.


STEP ONE: DEFINE BRIEF (1 Hour Consultation)

You and I will discuss vision for the project as well as decide the scope of work, your goals, how you would prefer things to function, and how you want space/spaces to feel. With residential projects it’s important for me to make sure your space is conducive of your lifestyle, comfortable, functional as well as luxurious. Commercial projects are designed with maximum functionality and comfort for patrons of the establishment. Distinct design elements will act as establishments silent calling card. The new design will not only be beautiful in form but also genius in function.



In schematic design we research and present ideas that create the concept. Masterplans are made to make sure space flows harmoniously. Further discussion is made of our vision with client, making sure we are all satisfied and on one accord. The concept will need to be reviewed and approved by the client before moving forward to the design development process.



Once approved, we then present those ideas through a series of finishes, sketches, and reference imagery. Fabrics, materials, and furnishings are also sourced to be used in the space. Once approved, we integrate our ideas with solid package for tender, certification, and construction. You will receive preliminary package and clear design intentions at the completion of this stage. We get your feedback and move on to Construction Documentation.

*Design tender- traditional method in which the agency or owner contracts with separate entities for the design and construction of a project.



Professional photographer will be scheduled to capture “BEFORE” images of the space for reference photos during project as well as possible portfolio placement. We then send our package to tender and facilitate negotiations with builders acting on clients behalf as agents. We make changes if necessary and push for the best possible quotes within your budget. If project calls for construction we also take on construction administrator role. Here we resolve any issues that may arise during the build. Continuously tracking progress to the agreed time frame and documentation. We will attend regular site meetings and approve samples. After construction is complete we compile a defects list and insure the work is crafted beautifully.




The final stage is where the project comes together. We curate your collection of furniture, art, and accessories that creates individuality and personality into the spaces that will frame your life. As fun and exciting as this may be, this can also be an enormous task. Our team insures that it runs like clockwork by implementing precise furniture planning, scheduling of delivery for the purchased items, tracking all orders, and reviewing the orders against your budget. Last looks are prepared and professional photographer is then rescheduled to capture completed vision!


VANITY Interiors Firm offers services but are not limited to:

* Consultations
* Space Planning
* Storyboards, Lookbooks, & Renderings
* Custom wall coverings including wallpaper and texture treatments
* Furniture, Accessory, & Art Selections
* Custom Window Treatments
* Furniture Design and Production
* Finish Selections
* Purchasing, Procurement, as well as Installation

Specializing in commercial and residential design, with offices located in the heart of New York City as well as downtown Atlanta, Georgia. VANITY is a national full service boutique interior design firm. Rendering quality service and customer care.