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Vanity’s Voice


Ikea Hack!

Everyone loves the inexpensive, modern, and simplistic furniture that Ikea has that makes any space complete. If you’re anything like me you like the idea of Ikea furniture, but not exactly the “cheap look” of the inexpensive designs on some products.  Customizing these products is a simple solution to not “look” like Ikea furniture as well as, get the best bang for your buck without breaking the bank to do so.

Today will tackle this simple and inexpensive Ikea side table hack using the LACK series. This particular look was made by purchasing two LACK side tables to make cube like table. Implement the simple instructions given to apply legs to the first table. Set second table legs to the side. Attach the second table top to the bottom of the first completed table with small nails or screws. The next step is to add some personalized personality to your table. Applying nail heads is not only one of the simplest ways to transform table, but also one of the least expensive. You can buy nail heads, screws, and nails at most local hardware stores. Using nail heads you can customize with simple design or be as intricate as you desire. The second image shows the range of versatility that the nail head application can give.2a1dd08ae37ff56ee28e0bc4f7e1fee7

*images provided are not authors, samples images only.